Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Election day, 2011 (photos)

Dennis O'Connor, cousin of former mayor Bob O'Connor, hands out pamphlets supporting Corey O'Connor at Greenfield Presbyterian Church Tuesday morning, Nov. 8, 2011. Dennis says that Corey is "a common sense kid who will sit down, listen to both sides and work things out... because everyone can't always be right."

Mary K. Goyda was the first person to vote at Greenfield Presbyterian Church on Tuesday morning, Nov. 8, 2011. "It's a citizen's duty [to vote]," said Goyda. "If you don't vote then you can't complain."

Diana Mangis, Judge of Election, discusses her morning agenda with Dennis O'Connor, Tuesday morning at Greenfield Presbyterian Church. Mangis has been judge of Election for Greenfield for ten years, starting out as a committeewoman. "I know everyone who comes through these doors," said Mangis.

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